Lady Goo Goo no more: Gaga wins one for the monsters

Chalk it up too creative marketing.. And while Lady Goo Goo may have been an up and coming favorite among kids, Lady Gaga would have none of it: She clamped down before it got too late.

Because after all, Lady Gaga’s image matters, right? ..

It all began as one of 52 characters on Moshi Monsters–a website that allows children to name and adopt creatures. It just so happened that one of those ficticious creatures was Lady Goo Goo. Real and fictitious creature Lady Gaga got angry, and in a UK court, won an injunction banning the release of the character’s new song called the Moshi Dance. 

The Moshi Monsters site has 50 million users around the world.. but it’s presumable that Stephanie Germanotta is not one of them..

Lady Goo Goo gone from pop culture. 15 minutes up. Lady Gaga, to some, may have overstayed the welcome.