Tis the season to get scared at movies

This entertainment world has been longing for a hit all year.. big budget busts at the box office cost studios fortunes.. massive headaches for some, wondering why no one wants to see movies anymore..

Enter the Halloween season: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 goes back into the past in the newest flick.. and theatergoers in the season to be scared like it.

$8 mil for opening midnight shows taken in already.. Friday night reports across the nation spell out a strong amount of money.

And if the reports are right, a $50 mil weekend is not out of the question. Also likely: The third in the series will do better than the sequel, something practically unheard of in the movie world. The midnight shows this week were 30% higher than PARANORMAL 2! 

Looks like viewers are crazing movies. Or just screams and scares before dinner on a date.

Either way, this weekend, it’s working.