Never ending love unearthed in Italy

The word this week read and cried to the story of the couple, killed in a car crash in their 90s, who held hands in the ICU as they both passed away from earth. But try this: A couple who held their hands for 1,500 years have now been found!

Bones of couple unearthed
The skeletal remains of a Roman-era couple have been unearthed.. revealed now, they held their hands, in death, for about 1,500 years.

According to Italian archaeologists, the man and woman were buried at the same time between the 5th and 6th century A.D. in central-northern Italy. The woman is positioned so she appears to be gazing at her male partner…

The discovery of the eternal love was made in Modena during construction–it was 23 feet below earth’s surface..

What did this burial mean? …the love of lives, dead at the same time, buried together… until now, when this modern generation unearthed the bones and wondered: Why does this all mean. True love? Cue MHZ 528… I need to be grounded.
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