“Engage captive audiences”

No joke, no matter how funny you once thought the concept was: Smart surveillance is here. And the newest form of it that may be rolled out onto your street soon is a talking camera that will not only monitor your every step and stop but also be able to talk to you, too.
More here from Alex Jones’ Prison Planet on the surveillance equipment, utilized in the UK, that is being prepped to head to streets in the United States. It can record conversations.. But it will have efficient lighting, or so the press release says.

Marketwatch has the full press release which details the Smartsite ‘state of the art’ surveillance future. 

It won’t just be your street corner watching you. The press release states the future this way:

SmartSite is perfectly suited for installation in retail malls, sports venues, on college campuses, and in new construction. A full Activity-Based Costing analysis that would also factor in issues such as more efficient traffic routing during road repairs, special events and emergencies would further strengthen the argument for retrofitting. As the cost of the individual components comes down through economies of scale, the SmartSite system might well become commonplace

Sound fun?
Sound futuristic?
SOUND 1984ish?
The future is now.  One so dark you’ll need to wear shades.