Should we call this Atlantic system a superstorm yet?

This is an intense storm right now over the Atlantic waters. It looks like a hurricane .. its pressure is bottoming out..
This is how the NOAA predicts it:

The latest OPC 48 hour Atlantic Surface forecast chart (top left), valid 00Z January 26, continues to show an expected hurricane force low pressure system in the central North Atlantic. The forecasted central pressure is 939mb with winds of 80 knots, deepening to 928mb by 72 hours! The corresponding OPC 48 hour Atlantic Wind Wave forecast chart (bottom right) is indicating potential significant wave heights of 10.5 meters (34 feet)!

Here is a live shot of water vapor in the North Atlantic

And think about this: Accuweather reports

By today, the WaveWatch forecast model was predicting waves over 42 feet (above), with 36-foot waves near shore in Ireland and the United Kingdom later this week! While there aren’t any buoys in the middle of the ocean where the storm was the strongest, the nearestNDBC buoy off the Ireland coast reported 42-foot waves overnight, while another buoy reported pressure as low as 28.45 inches, the pressure you’d typically see in a Category 4 Hurricane. Winds have also gusted over 40 knots.

I know the Weather Channel decided to name snowstorms on the North American landscape this year. Perhaps they should have thought about mid-winter North Atlantic superstorms!

Yes indeed, this is looking like a superstorm indeed..

A potentially damaging day is coming to the UK Monday.

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