The sinkhole story from Florida has a tragic story

I heard someone making jokes today about the sinkhole that swallowed Jeff Bush in his bedroom in Seffner, Florida.. The story is disturbing, but someone making light of a horrid situation like this may be worse..

Sinkhole are a big story around the world. The media typically pays little attention to them, but they happen .. a lot. And increasingly, as some websites have reported, there seems to be an altogether weakening of the earth’s crust below us.

This sinkhole situation in Florida isn’t the typical one.. this time, someone most likely died in the event. And also this time, as opposed to the typical reporting we get, the media is paying attention and giving us more information than usual. Maybe for ratings? Maybe because there is a human tragedy? Maybe because, after all the ignorance to the earth’s changes, people are finally becoming rattled by the shaky ground beneath them..

A story on CNN tonight details a sad interview with the victim’s brother, Jeremy Bush.. He said he was able to hear his brother screaming before he was gone. Four other people, including a 2-year-old child, escape from the home in Florida .. but Jeff Bush could not. He was peacefully in is bedroom when the ground gave out..

Rescuers have not gone into the house yet, according to CNN, because the situation is too dangerous.. As a matter of fact, reporting late tonight indicates that the sinkhole is spreading and the entire house is in dangerous of being swallowed up by it..

We will continue to watch this story as it develops. It’s what we do here.
But also what we do in situations like this, is pray and hope for some type of light to be seen  in the darkness.. to hope for good over bad.. to hope that this man is either alive, or if not, has peacefully gone to the next realm, whatever that realm may be..

Developing story..

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