Clyde Lewis out of surgery and recovering

Ground Zero radio listeners were shocked last week when Clyde Lewis announced he will be taking time off to undergo a surgery for a serious issue: A tumor on his kidney..
Yesterday, Lewis posted a photograph of himself on Facebook and his website showing his recovery is beginning.. in the photo, he is clearly in a hospital bed.. According to his message, he needed seven hours of surgery for the issue..
On his Facebook page, thousands have already commented on a series of posts concerning his medical situation. 
What seems apparent more than anything is how dedicated of a fan base Clyde Lewis has. His listeners are most likely going through some sort of harsh withdrawal.. Ground Zero has become a late-night love for me over the past several months.. I have had some very brief Twitter communications with Mr. Lewis and I believe he is a wonderful person and an even greater radio personality.. The HORROR REPORT is wishing for his continued improvement and his eventual return to radio.
Until then my tin foil hate will be safely tucked away in an undisclosed location.
Mr. Lewis, we miss you.