The very normal and random act of a cup falling down off of the sink today caused me a little concern until I contemplated what had just occurred.

I was moving from one room to the next when I placed the cup on the edge of the bathroom sink. I left the room for a split second and thought to myself, “that coup is going to fall” ..

And that it did.

I went back into the room, wiped up the coffee which had fallen from the cup onto the floor, and checked the mug for any potential breaks. This was a very special mug after all, it was my Batman Father’s Day hero cup given to me the first year my son was alive..

After cleaning up and leaving the room, I stopped to think back as to what just happened.

Quite literally, I even retrace my steps. I went back into the room and realized where the cup markings had been, as we know coffee cups often leave a stain outline of where the its put down.

What I realized was astonishing. There should be no logical way the cup would’ve fallen off of the sink judging from the markings of where it was but I placed it down. It was literally inches away from the edge, but yet somehow when I left the room the mug had fallen down from the location.

My mind is boggled, and it continues to be so. I continue to rehash the scene in my mind over and over again and wonder if somehow perhaps as I was leaving the room I didn’t quite unhand the cup fully from my fingers and shifted it towards the edge too much, allowing it to gracefully fall from the sink onto the floor below.

Even stranger I thought, why did I think the cup would fall before it did? Did I create this action by my thoughts? Or, did I subconsciously make the cup fall down by moving it towards the edge of the sink, and somehow convincing myself it was a random act of fate?

I know this: the cup is fine, it seems 30. I also know in my deep heart of hearts that I did not make that cup fell down by any physical action.

As far as how the cup fell? I really don’t know.
An abundant amount of theories are exploding in my head, some metaphysical and some paranormal, even a peppered bit with the notion that time slips or an alternate reality of me was present on another time line, and for one second we interacted.

Quite frankly, there is no logical way that the cup should have fallen from the sink. But it did.

And it bothers me..