The news of the day..

Saturday begins.. noteworthy events continue.. a conglomeration of things that matter from the fruited plain and beyond..

Today is the 51st anniversary of the JFK assassination. I contemplated this all week, and listened to some amazing GROUND ZERO WITH CLYDE LEWIS shows as well. It angers me to think that we don’t have truth, and that even after all these decades are done, the main theory of the assassination being perpetrated by one lone gunman still seems to rely on such shaky truth. And the girls seeing Lee Oswald drinking a Coke!? Ignored.. a man at the underpass being hit by a stray bullet? Forgotten.. A rush of a crowd running to the Grassy Knoll? We are told they were simply chasing echoes from the main shooter: Oswald on the 6th floor in his ‘sniper’s den.’ And then, Jack Ruby kills the main that Hoover and company immediately blamed for the assassination and America, as a result, skyrocketed involvement in foreign entanglements.. The only thing that makes sense is that the cover story for the JFK assassination does not make sense, at all. Take just one minute out of your busy Saturday and picture one single shooter–avoiding the easy shot–but still getting each and every shot perfectly right. The magic bullet theory..And the magic easy one shooter assassination theory. Forgetting, of course, Oswald’s ties to alphabet agencies..

Speaking of JFK.. A mob hitman named James Files claims he was the man responsible for killing Kennedy and that Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a single shot..

This is an interesting little tale being weaved by the religious power brokers of the planet: The Pope and Peres meet and discuss a sort of ‘United Nations for religions.’ You ever hear of those weird conspiracy theories that a one world religion would occur? Maybe that will happen after all. With Petrus Romanus to boot us into papal submission. Infallible style.

The future is coming so fast it’s already sort of behind us.. So what happens when robots not only replace the manufacturing jobs as they have done, but also the service economy as they are beginning to do now?? A WAGE FLOOR! Switzerland is preparing to give a ‘living wage’ to every citizen in its country. A monthly income with no strings attached. This may start to become a permanent reality for lots of people living in a jobless society. And the living wage could be a good thing for conservative minded people, too! It would replace social safety nets like food stamps and welfare. Instead, you’d get the income you need on a monthly basis to live. No more need for jobs. Let the robots do it.. I think this is going to happen more and more in places you’d never expect it. But in reality, what is the solution without the wage floor? What do you do with a nation of 300 million in America, let’s say, where only 40% of a country works and only 20% of them have jobs with good benefits or pensions? The failure has already occurred.. the ‘jobless recovery’ has paved the way for a wage floor in the future. Checks handed out by government robots…

Bill Cosby has been getting hit lots of picture pages from women lately.. But when he continued to entertain at his sold out show in Florida, he received a standing ovation from his audience.. The Cos comeback tour beginning? Or sentimental people who are allowing their nostalgia to cover their eyes to high crimes committed by the man who once made us laugh?

The Obama Administration issues warning to America: Don’t waste your Thanksgiving food.

This is an amazing story–I have written previously that the nuclear situation in Hanford, Washington, was being ignored on purpose my national media. I believe that continues to be the case. But the local affiliates are still reporting on situations, with the latest news being a blip about a damning picture of worker safety protocols at the Hanford site. Previously, Hanford workers received claim denials .. Something surely is rotten..

Fear for Thanksgiving: Lindsay Williams back with ominous warnings of chaos inspired by the elite…

Fear for Christmas: FOX NEWS warns that hackers could send America into an uncontrollable downward spiral. Like WALKING DEAD stuff.. only the hosts with three inches of makeup will survive.

Fear porn. War. Terror. Economic realities.. This is how your brain turns remote threats into anxiety. Cue the air hunger, coming to a lung near you.

An old debate (as well old as video games at least) rears again: Do violent games make us violent?

While Obama took to the nation to discuss immigration, causing deep hatred to flow and bitter anger to surface, something else was going on. He was very quietly extending the US combat mission in Afghanistan.. As a matter of fact, it expands what troops in the nation can do through the year 2015. Previously, our leader stated that the mission would be limited.. This may come as a surprise to those not paying attention. Okay. Back to your immigration debate now, sheeple.

And interesting note to make on the immigration issue, as well: Obama has signed the order paving the way for at least 5 million illegal immigrants to get citizenship, all with the stroke of his pen, obviously mightier than his sword.. But he is still being heckled by immigration activists wherever he goes. And their stance is interesting: Why did he leave their moms behind?

American led air strikes in Syria have killed 910 people including 52 civilians.

A SHINING musical parody coming in 2015..

NEW YORK TIMES reviews EXTRATERRESTRIAL –and not very well, either.