The tree of death

Whether you find a deeper meaning in this story or just scratch your head at the strangeness of it, it is making the rounds online today and into the pop culture lexicon. When President Barack Obama was in India three weeks ago, he had a photo op at the at the New Delhi memorial to Indian independence leader Mohandas K. Gandhi. He planted a tree..

Now three weeks later, passersby are amazed at just how dead the tree looks–lifeless and droopy, no leaves and sad..

India is ferocious in their argument that the tree is NOT dead, it just looks it..  they are blaming it on the time of the year. But the media in India is seeing it quite different, reporting and bashing the government for carelessly allowing the tree to die and whither away..

Do they need a miracle?
Perhaps Chauncy Gardener from BEING THERE..

Or better yet: The gang of Charlie Brown’s friends, those kids who seem to have a good history of working miracles with lifeless trees..


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