The crime captured the nature’s imagination and gave us two fresh faces of real horror: Young 12-year-old girls who stabbed their best friend in 2014..

We already know that the girls,  Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, wanted to ward off the SLENDERMAN by offering their friend as a sacrifice..

During the tapes, they explain to police how they lured their friend into the woods.. A number of screen caps from the CNN report showcasing the girl being talked to by an interrogator and some of their chilling words:

slender1At one point, after stabbing their friend, the girls also believed they say ‘Slender’ himself..



Morgan described the way it felt when she was stabbing her friend:



Anissa said that after the stabbing they told their would be sacrifice that they were going to get help, however admitted to the investigator that it was a lie.. Instead they were going to run and ‘let her pass away.’ At one point Morgan said “I knew we’d get in trouble” about the attempted murder..

Police have also decided to release to the media sketches from notebook of one of the girls, as you can see from this ROLLING STONE report today.

Their friend survived.. but now, unless the charges are reduced, the SLENDERMAN fans now face up to 60 years in prison, if convicted..

The HORROR REPORT wrote of this crime, and SLENDERMAN, on various occasions. Mostly we found it to be obnoxious to blame a fictional character for the horrible crimes. It also showed how little so many ‘experts’ understand about Creepypastas and the internet, but yet they feel compelled to describe it as they actuall have a clue. Even during the 2014 year in review, the HORROR REPORT entertained the notion that ’14 was the year of paranormal, and highly cited the Slenderman case as a perfect example of the fright..

2015 seems to be a year, at least in this case, when justice may prevail.

Morgan was right. She knew they’d be caught. Slenderman didn’t tell her that, her conscious did.

But now, slender is the fright and goodness is the light.. with that said, hopefully a fair process ensues, critical thinking occurs, and justice prevails.  I think that is the simplest thing owed to the victim who almost died in this case.