SLENDERMAN reviews coming in! A slate of blank possibilities

Meagan Navarro reviewed SLENDERMAN for Bloody Disgusting.. The results are not good..THE MONEY QUOTE Slender Man took a blank slate of possibilities and turned it into a tired retread. It’s a strange choice made even more curious considering the popularity of the creepypasta seems to have waned in the last few years. There’s a chance … Read moreSLENDERMAN reviews coming in! A slate of blank possibilities


Almost 20,000 people have signed an online petition opposing Sony Pictures’ planned release of a horror movie called “Slender Man,” the character who inspired two Waukesha girls to plot the stabbing death of their sixth-grade classmate in 2014. Sony released a trailer for the film this week. It is scheduled for release in May. “This … Read moreONLINE PETITION FORMED TO STOP ‘SLENDERMAN’

Slender is his name

We have been all following the intense and violent Slenderman crime in Waukesha, Wisconsin..  On May 31, 2014, two 12-year-old girls from Wisconsin lured their friend to a wooded area and stabbed her 19 times. They did it all to impress Slender Man, a faceless bogeyman whose mythology has proliferated on the Internet. The victim survived … Read moreSlender is his name

Judge Rules Girls in ‘Slender Man’ Case to Be Tried as Adults

Judge Rules Girls in ‘Slender Man’ Case to Be Tried as Adults More: The girls are each facing one count of attempted first-degree homicide, where they could face up to 65 years in prison if convicted as adults, according to the Associated Press. In the juvenile court system, the girls would only have been held … Read moreJudge Rules Girls in ‘Slender Man’ Case to Be Tried as Adults


The crime captured the nature’s imagination and gave us two fresh faces of real horror: Young 12-year-old girls who stabbed their best friend in 2014.. We already know that the girls,  Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, wanted to ward off the SLENDERMAN by offering their friend as a sacrifice.. During the tapes, they explain to … Read morePOLICE RELEASE ‘SLENDERMAN’ INTERROGATION TAPES