Not a ghost tale, but perhaps even scarier

I read a fascinating article–thank God I am not the victim here or it would not be fascinating at all–today about a family in New Jersey fleeing their new ‘dream home’ because of frightening letters they were receiving from someone who called himself ‘The Watcher.’

According to the article, the previous owners never told the new ones about this strange person..

A lawsuit has been filed.


As CBS2’s Valerie Castro reported, the large six-bedroom home in Union County is being watched – according to a lawsuit filed by its new owners.

They paid $1.3 million for their “dream home” in the picturesque town of Westfield. They claim the previous owners were aware of a man who calls himself “the Watcher,” but they never said anything.

“I would be pretty upset if I bought a house and found out that the previous owners knew about it,” said Robert Hagen of Westfield.

Since moving in, the owners said they have received numerous letters from the mysterious person. “The Watcher” claimed the home “has been the subject of my family for decades,” and “I have been put in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming,” Castro reported.

The new owners have several children, and other letters asked, “Have they found out what’s in the walls yet?” and “I am pleased to know your names now, and the name of the young blood you have brought to me,” Castro reported.

The bone-chilling letters were enough to send the new family packing. The incident was so unnerving that Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky addressed the issue at a Town Council meeting Tuesday night.

There have been frightening ghost stories, such as the Amityville Horror, supposedly chasing a family from their abode. I don’t think I have ever heard of a story quite like the one linked here..

This sounds like the plot of a movie..Some have even accused the family of either embellishing or completely making this up for attention–check the comments thread on the linked article to see that debate.
But if true, this is creepy.
This is not a paranormal story..People are scarier than ghosts..

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