NASA has set a Mars news conference for Monday September 28 to present a ‘major announcement’

NASA has sent lots of people into a tizzy over the announcement thety say is coming that will ‘solve’ a mystery about Mars..

The space agency says a major announcement is coming Monday, a news conference is set for 11:30am ET adn will be broadcast on NASA TV and its website–hopefully it the news is big enough, people will ignore Donald Trump for five minutes and actually give the space agency some time on the major networks..

If it’s HUGE enough, NBC should do the Chimes of Death and give us a special report on their affiliates. Of course it would have to be big news for the Chimes to play.

Perhaps water on Mars is.. or life.. or evidence, conclusive evidence, of either..

One common joke has emerged on the Twitters: NASA found astronaut Mark Watney. Watney is the name of the fictional astronaut stranded on Mars in the movie THE MARTIAN.

While people are in a frenzy with speculation, a part of me thinks this will be just be a ho-hum news conference with little information rendered.

I hope I’m wrong, but that seemingly has happened before with earth shattering news.

The most exciting space story of the year, minus the rodents on Mars images offbeat sites find, has been Pluto and the ever changing way we view that non planet planet. I think life on Mars or evidence of past life would far dominate Pluto..

We will see Monday.

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