It has been a wild few months since Art Bell abruptly left MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT. Since that time, current host Heather Wade has been forced into a muddy position of fighting with members of the message board she was frequented, BellGab.Com.

Even more, Bell himself used Facebook to disavow himself of the message board, calling it a meaner place filled with trolls. Wade and Steve Warner, Bateman on Bellgab, even had a very public fight in which Warner accused Wade of repeatedly calling him begging him to do MIDNIGHT. Wade countered back that she was trying to prove Warner wouldn’t do it. Public airing of laundry.. whether dirty or not..


Wild indeed.


And now even more wild given the news that Bell himself will appear on the Gabcast this coming Thursday February 4, 2016.

Bell took to Bellgab.com for the occasion, saying,

I said I would do the Gab Cast and I will, however if it is filled with people attacking my Family or truly foul stuff I won’t be there long. I hope this can be done in a adult way and I hope that is not to much to ask. I don’t mind hard questions but I do ask that people be civil.


Undoubtedly it will be an open and honest conversation with the emotions of fans who feel scorned and a host who, at this point, may or may not return to the air//

Visit UFOShip.com/chat to listen live.
Visit UFOShip.com to download the show after it airs.
Call the show at 623-242-CAST(2278).

The stage is set.





  1. Plain and simple Heather Wade never was, and is not a radio host. She was a highly obsessed fan who got lucky; a person with no background in radio; a former sex worker (she says so herself, just not those exact words).

    The decades of experience Art has in radio, the huge amount of knowledge Art has for every subject of his show, and the way he can reign in a guest to make him/her relate to the audience IS LIGHT YEARS beyond anything this Heather Wade can do.

    Reading through her most recent posts makes her unlikable to me. Couple that with her on air meltdown a few weeks back and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Now, most of their affiliates on terrestrial radio have gone back to C2C and dropped MITD.
    I’m sure she’s as a great person, but I think it’s unfair for some obsessed fan to sit in Art Bell’s seat as host when there are so many qualified professional options like Howard Hughes (who turned down a lead from what I hear) and Jimmy Church, just to name a couple.

    This show is boring and, let’s be honest, she is not a host in profession or in theory.

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