This is a video that has existed  online for a bit of time, but…


This is a video that has existed  online for a bit of time, but propelled into newfound popularity with Dave Schrader’s Darkness Radio Friday night showcasing the story of the Utah ‘help’ cry..

Listen to the video and see if you can hear it.. 

The mysterious voice calling for help caught rescuers bodycam footage. Some say it is the ghostly voice of the deceased mother calling for someone to rescue her baby.

In March of 2015, police officers said they heard cries of help at the site of a tragic car accident in an icy river. The police did not find anyone who could talk, instead they found an infant upside down who eventually was taken to the hospital and survived. The mother in the car was dead. The cries for help were impossible. An autopsy showed that the   baby’s mother, 25-year-old Lynn Groesbeck….

This was given worldwide media attention .. since the time, the police have made press rounds. Each of them told the same story. Each of them heard the voice. All of them–all of them–most likely are never going to be the same again.