Summer blockbuster: Cascadia Rising drill prepped for June 7

Starting on June 7th, FEMA will be conducting a large scale drill that has been named “Cascadia Rising” that will simulate the effects of a magnitude 9.0 earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone and an accompanying west coast tsunami dozens of feet tall. According to the official flyer for the event, more than “50 counties, plus major cities, tribal nations, state and federal agencies, private sector businesses, and non-governmental organizations across three states – Washington, Oregon, and Idaho – will be participating”

And it’s not just the June 7th exercise..  but this too: U.S. Northern Command will be holding five other exercises simultaneously..

There have been a number of scares lately in the corner of the United States where this subduction zone rests.

Radio host Clyde Lewis has commented on it as of late on Ground Zero–his program broadcasts nightly from Portland Oregon, an area that could be affected in a large way if this zone ever does activate. Certainly if a 9.0 hits!

This drill comes a little under a year after a story circulated online last summer — a report so scary that Shepard Smith on FOX NEWS starkly warned people to ‘move’ out! Later in September, more stories online stated that ‘time is ticking’ for a big earth bomb.

At the time, The New Yorker reported that FEMA calculations show these types of earthquakes happen at regular intervals in this specific part of the world, roughly every 240 years.

Fear in ’16 is en vogue.

June 7th it begins.
The summer blockbuster season in gear.