My body may regret it but my mind is not.. last night, I stayed up into the early morning hours listening to Clyde Lewis. It was one of his best shows, entitled Mandela Gaslighting Dilemma.  You can read the posted article or listen to the past show on Soundcloud through the Ground Zero site..

Time itself and time slips are some of my favorite subjects. The very essence of time is noticeable by its fleeting seconds. But the ‘slips,’ or Mandela effects, are noticeable only when you stop and realize something you believed your entire life to be true was wrong. Like the Berenstain/ein Bears.. or King Henry’s turkey leg picture that never existed.

Clyde Lewis made this point,

As we have discussed in previous shows, hyperreality is a term coined by Jean Baudrillard which is associated with the effects of mass culture reproduction, or rebooting suggesting that an object, event, or experience can be reproduced and is later replaced and or preferred over the original. When we are subjected to media hyper inoculations of information, our minds can interpret it in various ways that could create one version of history rather than what is accepted history. However, the believers in the Mandela Effect suggests that events can be changed after the fact through retroactive reality shifts.

It is as if, little by little, small facts or tidbits of information have been changed intentionally by what can be called reality controllers, an Orwellian idea where in the book, 1984, Winston Smith worked as a clerk in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth, where his job was to rewrite historical documents so they matched the constantly changing current party line.

Interesting take.
History created. Manufactured. What do you believe?
What CAN you believe?

The HORROR REPORT has done some extensive past stories on this entire notion of time slipping.. Read it here. Among my favorites: The King Henry turkey leg, the SINBAD movie that never existed, my very personal time slip story from when my father was in the hospital, and an article posted on my essay site NIGHT TERROR NEWS, a ‘child’s first time slip’..

A few of my friends have told me through the years talking about this subject to just stop.. just forget it.. It’s all in the mind. The real slip is the brain slipping.
But.. time slips seem laughable. Until they happen to you. When it does, a chill comes over your soul, a question forms in your mind, and you wonder aloud what in the world you are doing here and whether you’re timelime has been ransacked by time itself.