What ‘Blade’ Can Teach Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ About Superhero Horror Movies

What ‘Blade’ Can Teach Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ About Superhero Horror Movies :

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Because aside from integrating superheroes into supernatural settings, the tones of both films (and Hellboy) are noticeably darker than the rest of Marvel’s offering. Derrickson is a director who built his name on horror films, and while Del Toro actually only directed the second Blade film, he matched the tone of the first film, while improving on the style for the sequel. And while Doctor Strange will not be rated-R like the Blade films, the two movies offer successful examples of how to make a reliably dark, scary, action packed thriller.

BLADE was a masterpiece.. DOCTOR STRANGE doesn’t yet have the feel of one but looks dark, gloomy, and rough.. It looks like if it was made right, it could devour you and spit you out by the end of the film. That’s either great or awful..

I think I’m still surprised that this movie was made. It’s quite frankly the least known MARVEL character that has come out in film over recent years..

Benedict Cumberbatch’s leading name in credits could help gain an audience. But only if it’s done right will the film have any staying power.