1922 coming to Netflix (but we just don’t know when)

Netflix is fast becoming (or it already has become) the best place to see scary  movies.. new series that are impeccable.. the place where creativity is flourishing lately. Thankfully somewhere, right?

Nonetheless, the newest creation that I can’t wait to watch: 1922, a Stephen King story, starting Thomas Jane..

This short story is based in 1922 and is narrated by the character of Wilfred. He confesses to killing his wife (Arlette) and believes he is being haunted. As the story unravels, one has to question if he is going insane or if he is telling the truth. It is a dark, terrifying, twisted read that is absolutely compelling..

1922 was first published in 2010 .. 

Netflix has yet to announce WHEN the show will be released for streaming.. but two central roles are filled. Thomas Jane as Wilfred…Molly Parker as Arlette. 

Can’t wait.