Thank you 300!

I was annoyed for several days watching my Facebook page .. only 291 likes.. for weeks actually.

I put out a plea on Twitter: Like me! Get me to 300!

You answered the call, as nearly not mighty as that call was. 301 likes as of today.

Thanks to the friends and fans on Facebook who have been around for some time.. Much appreciation and Christmas love to you all.

x x x

I have given a little less time to working on the HORROR REPORT over the past month or two.. Life sort of sweeps in and takes your connection away from things now and then. Promises are being made here–in writing, black white and red all over–that you’re going to get more from me ..

x x x

Christmas is just about here, out of no where, somehow. Someway.. Time itself has gone again.
I recall writing the 2015 year in review.. I remember writing about ’16 that we should ‘hold on to 16 as long as we can’ because changes come around real soon and make us women and men. And with that, those changes have come. This nation is different than it was a year ago. This world is too.. so is the box office .. so is retail .. so is tech.. so is the weather. Just about everything that was will not be and the entire world upheaval has come and gone. All in 12 months. All somehow so fast..

The 2016 year in review? It’s coming. So worries..

x x x

Once again to all.. Thank you! May the sounds, songs, and love of the season be with you and your families throughout this amazing month.



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