Claim: Eerie ‘possession’ footage shows bloodsoaked gunshot…

Claim: Eerie ‘possession’ footage shows bloodsoaked gunshot victim claim he works with devil

But … the video is suddenly unavailable.. I am sure someone made a copy.

Video of a man, who had been shot in the face, claiming to work with Lucifer as he walked around a Brazilian hospital has led people to speculate that the man is “possessed by the devil”. Another man can be heard reciting prayers in the background.

The incident took place in Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital, a public hospital in Rio de Janeiro on Monday.

Noticiandopb reports that the man was shot in the cheek. The video shows him wandering around in the corridor with his body contorted either in pain or perhaps, as news site CanalR1 claims, from the effects of drugs.

Drugs.. or some form of a mental illness… 

The video description says ‘eerie’ .. but instead one could consider it sad..

As one commenter stated,

He’s a threat to himself and others.


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