THE TURKEY DEATH MARCHThis video of turkeys performing ‘death…



This video of turkeys performing ‘death dance’ around a dead cat in Massachusetts. The video looks odd, strange. It’s gone viral .. The NET has been abuzz about it.

But it may not be as sinister as people think..

Turkeys are not as dumb as you think.. If they see what they believe is a danger to them. They will keep watching it to make sure it’s not going to attack. They don’t realize this cat is dead.. 

Before I researched a bit as to why the turkeys were doing this, I also pondered if they were holding some sort of funeral for the dead cat.. Elephants do it. And there are other examples of death marches in the animal kingdom.

But this one? Well.. we at least have experts who opine that it was only to see if there was a threat .. just a normal flow and function of the animal world living in our materialistic and self-absorbed society..