Google Searches For “World War 3” Hit Highest Ever Peak

Google Searches For “World War 3” Hit Highest Ever Peak:

This really should come as no surprise.. the search term “World War 3″ it at its highest level in internet history.. maybe because we are the closest to world war 3 in history!? ….I have heard a lot of commentators stating that the tension in the world right now–Tillerson vs Putin, Trump vs Un, Trump  vs Assad, is at its highest level since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The scariest part of this entire thing is how it would take just one match to light a fuse in just one nation that is diametrically opposed to each other and .. poof.. you have a frightening scenario where NATO nations go to war against the non-NATO powers.. 

Yes, indeed…..April has never been a good month in world history.


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