True horrors in the heartland

Forget scary movies, there is something much worse taking place in reality: Drug deaths in the United States are so quickly escalating in number, that coroners are even running out of room for body storage as they are found.. (that is in Western Pennsylvania.. )

From sea to shining sea the opioid crisis is becoming more than a crisis: It is now a way of life.

I read this story with true horror   Americans under the age of 50 are dying due to overdoses in record numbers. So big, as a matter of fact, that drug deaths ARE NOW THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH of the under 50 demographic..

59,000 deaths in the United States in 2016. A record year–and a 19% increase in the category when compared to 2015..

The heroin epidemic has turned into a fentanyl problem.. Meth included.. the other stuff pales in comparison.

Addiction is real.. And there are LOTS of factors that are inclusive in these numbers.  It is beyond a ‘blame the addict’ world.. Especially when gateway drugs are so often prescribed.

Yes indeed.. the United States of death. The culture of drugs.. the mind-numbing and life destroying problem only gets worse.

Of course, we will continue to do as we always did: Cover it up in our minds. Watch sports. And pretend that politics matters.
All the while your neighborhood is destroyed and communities across America become towns that fear sundown…

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