Irma making one last stop–in Texas!?

Hurricane Irma has ventured on a remarkable 5,000 mile plus journey from the African coast all the way through the island nations of the Caribbean..Florida.. the Southeast United States. And now TEXAS!?

Seriously.. Check out this current national satellite composite .. The low pressure that was once Irma is now slowly expanding enough that a portion of it has made it to Houston and other flood-ravaged locations that Harvey rampaged in August.

There is no damage expected..even radar shows that little rainfall is taking place as IRMA finishes off her long voyage across the United States..

But 5,000 miles?  Only an armchair analyst of weather, but that seems incredible.

The trouble facing Florida right now includes power outages that may extend weeks, and 90 degree heat that is about to hit in many places where senior citizens and fragile citizens have no access to cool air conditioning.. 

The situation facing placing like Barbuda and St. Martin are so much worse: People roaming streets with machetes or others looting.. the island nations have turned into desperate zones that seemingly have been forgotten.

It is storm fatigue.. the summer of crippling category 5s.. And Jose? No way.. stay away. 

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