The odd ‘invisible wall’ attack in Cuba

This may be one the strangest AP news dispatches I have ever read.. I cannot add more to it.. The blaring, grinding noise jolted the American diplomat from his bed in a Havana hotel. He moved just a few feet, and there was silence. He climbed back into bed. Inexplicably, the agonizing sound hit him … Read moreThe odd ‘invisible wall’ attack in Cuba

spiPhone X: Brave new world with a filter

It is hard to believe that only ten years ago, the technology that Apple would be selling the public was just about unfathomable.. Extremely fast processors. Facial recognition. Emojis that can make poop turn into your face and voice.  In 2007, people were happy with Myspace and turning ‘off’ the net in favor of a … Read morespiPhone X: Brave new world with a filter