What did NOT make it into IT and why it may be best it didn’t.

IF you read IT by Stephen King, you may recall there were some elements that could have garnered the film an NC17 or above rating.. Group sex.. masturbation while torturing animals.. and Bevvie’s dad doing MORE to Bevvie than worrying about her.. Lots.Lots of things could have upset the apple cart. What resulted was a … Read moreWhat did NOT make it into IT and why it may be best it didn’t.


If you never saw the movie called LIFE with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds, you should. It is about a life form discovered on Mars. The entire world changes.. the space station changes too when the life form begins to rapidly get intelligent and gigantic, devouring astronauts and taking over the vessel..   The horror … Read moreLIFE IN SPACE


As the Earth Changes.. This is reporting from the WASHINGTON POST (https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/after-irma-a-once-lush-gem-in-the-us-virgin-islands-reduced-to-battered-wasteland/2017/09/12/b49532e0-9736-11e7-af6a-6555caaeb8dc_story.html?utm_term=.4b43fb7b69f2) along with a must-read article about the devastation in the wake of Hurricane Irma and the destruction being seen in the islands: CRUZ BAY, U.S. Virgin Islands — The Asolare restaurant is gone, practically blown off its cliff, along with its world-famous carrot ginger soup. … Read moreTHE US VIRGIN ISLANDS IN CRISIS AFTER IRMA

The ‘prince of horror’ promises a new Halloween

Producer Jason Blum, the CEO of the budget-conscious and incredibly successful Blumhouse Productions (Get Out, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge) has promised that their planned Halloween sequel – the one written by Danny McBride and David Gordon Greenand directed by Green – will definitely be released by its planned date in October of 2018. And additionally, there’s word that Carpenter himself is still interested in providing … Read moreThe ‘prince of horror’ promises a new Halloween

Irma making one last stop–in Texas!?

Hurricane Irma has ventured on a remarkable 5,000 mile plus journey from the African coast all the way through the island nations of the Caribbean..Florida.. the Southeast United States. And now TEXAS!? Seriously.. Check out this current national satellite composite .. The low pressure that was once Irma is now slowly expanding enough that a … Read moreIrma making one last stop–in Texas!?