The Charles Manson RIP conundrum

Charles Manson is dead at 83. That is the good news for some..

 The bad news is how to label it. Let me explain.

 This website often utilizes honorable black and white images to showcase when someone if importance passes away from this plain of reality on the planet earth. I attempt to find a flattering photograph, often from youth or decades ago.. S

omething that captures and illustrates the essence of who the subject at hand is. The photo and small snippet of information is placed into a “RIP” section.. and the rest is history..

 But what to do with Charles Manson? How to label that. Perhaps it’s best to do what the NEW YORK POST did. They were able to go to press after they heard of West Coast news that Manson was dead. They led with a fiery red font blazing on the prison photo of Manson:


 Maybe do what I heard one radio station do today: Play the Beatles song HELTER SKELTER in the background a they spoke of Manson being dead. Somewhat unfair to the Beatles though, especially since the song is actually about a roller coaster across the pond. I initially was going to use one of those two photos but was not able to really decide:


 This may be the same difficulty that TIME magazine goes through when it decides who will be the person of the year. Decades ago they chose Hitler.

In recent years they took a more politically correct tone and did not pick controversial people. But in reality, TIME should be picking the most important person of the year.

Not the safest. Charles Manson was potentially one of the most important criminal figures in the past 75 years. Ironically he was not able to be tagged with the actual crime of murder, at least not during his tenure overseeing the sex and drug cult that worshiped him in the mountains near Las Angeles. The crime wave among Hollywood stars during the ‘Helter Skelter’ days was frightening.

 There are countless documentaries and books that suffer the duty of reporting on the horrors and murders that took place, including the most famous: Sharon Tate and her unborn child. It was a new kind of evil. The trial and ongoing drama that was displayed as members of the Manson cult came to prison in support of him shocked the entire country.

The United States saw Charles Manson as a certain evil incarnate. One that was not able to be understood. In reality, Manson had a horrid childhood with really awful adult figures. He had a life of petty crime. His mother was a prostitute.

He tried making it in music but as things would go, it never quite happened. Instead, he became famous for a very different reason. It seems shocking, but there are a number of websites showcasing Charles Manson apparel.

From shirts that feature his face to even socks that come equipped with his name. One website in particular is running a special on merchandise now that he is dead. That is tacky. Probably much tackier than featuring an “RIP” with this website post.