Thirsty Thursday news roundup. All the lunacy under the spring sun

Just another day in the world at large..

A day when an award winner dropped dead on stage after singing and dancing.. Vishnu Pandey, 53, had a heart attack on stage seconds after being filmed dancing along to a popular Bollywood music tune – and looking happy to win..

A day when we found out that not only is Facebook reading your private messages but Also trying to gain information about your private medical records. Everything is not enough for ZUCK..

A day when much of Southern California felt a 5.3 tremor.. According to preliminary reports from the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake was centered 35.4 miles southwest of Channel Islands Beach. The quake’s preliminary depth was 10.4 miles. Los Angeles county felt it..

A day when Donald Trump warned the nation of a rape epidemic! The PRESIDENT …President.. Said: “They’re not putting their good ones,” Trump said. “And remember my opening remarks at Trump Tower when I opened. Everybody said, ‘Oh, he was so tough.’ And I used the word ‘rape.’ And yesterday it came out where, this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before. They don’t want to mention that”

Yes it’s been a day.

Other news worth nothing from this fine Thirsty Thursday:

here were no signs of foul play in the death of a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention epidemiologist who likely drowned, officials said Thursday. that said.. people in the SMILEY FACE conspiracy circles are going wild..

Movie theaters have been banned in Saudi Arabia since its rulers began enforcing ultraconservative religious laws in the early 1980s, but that’s set to end on April 18 with a gala premiere of Black Panther at a new AMC movie theater in Riyadh..In addition to lifting the restrictions on movies and public concerts, the prince has touted his reforms of Saudi Arabia’s repressive gender laws: Women will finally be allowed to drive and hold an increasing number of jobs

And now that SAUDI is opening up to the early 20th century, Time Warner is eyeing the nation! Time-Warner wants to bring more of its brands to Saudi Arabia, a top network executive told Arab News after a meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman..

Forbes is wondering why we just found out that 2 billion Facebook users had their data harvested.. But those with logic over the past decade already knew this. The “conspiracy theorists” among us were right. Facebook status updates done with tin foil hats were best in hindsight..

MEANWHILE at Google… It is offering its resources to the US Department of Defense for Project Maven, a research initiative to develop computer vision algorithms that can analyze drone footage. In response, more than 3,100 Google employees have signed a letter urging Google CEO Sundar Pichai to reevaluate the company’s involvement, as “Google should not be in the business of war,” as reported by The New York Times. Some employees are demanding a pull-out!

Don’t be evil.
They say..

Not being evil at all, but creative, this is worth noting: Scientists have grown veggies in Antarctica WITHOUT SUNLIGHT OR SOIL! .. no really. Real news here. Working out of a shipping container-sized lab in an otherwise barren snowscape, the team gathered about 8 pounds of produce from their first yield, the AP reports, including herbs, lettuce, arugula, and red radishes…

Scientists at NASA want to send drone bees to Mars! Again, real news: Engineers are developing swarms of robotic ‘bees’ that can hover above the Martian surface, collecting data and communicating with a mobile exploration base. It’s bio-inspired engineering at its finest…

Anyone in the Northeast driving will realize how many potholes have developed after this cold and snowy winter.. but in the galaxy we inhabit, black holes abound! Chuck Hailey has had the center of the Milky Way hanging in his office at Columbia University. The picture, pinned above his desk, shows a bright orange and yellow blob—the glow of cosmic gas as it gets devoured by the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy..

In the world of horror..
The hyped new horror film ‘Upgrade’ from Get Out’s producers looks like a right ol’ gore fest

QUITE PLACE a terrifying movie..


The best horror film in years released.

Best horror right now on NETFLIX..


Duffer Brothers hit by a lawsuit..