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Tiangong-1 window: 3pm April 1st through 5am April 3...

Despite the strange black smoke seen in the sky tonight after parts of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, it appears that the Chinese satellite is still on a collision course for TOMORROW..

Experts have revised the time the Tiangong-1 Space Station is due to crash.

Their latest forecasts have it down between 3pm tomorrow and 5am Tuesday morning.

They will continue to refine the expected impact time.

The promise is now that by tomorrow, experts should also be able to give the public an idea where the impact zone about 5-7 hours prior to impact.

When the sky falls

I am not saying this is the satellite by any stretch of the imagination... but when the Tiangong is poised to hit earth somewhere in my latitude zone, it’s alarming to see  bright flashes and black smoke streaks in the sky.  
These images were about taken about 30 miles away from Marlton NJ in my travels back to Pennsylvania from an early Easter dinner 
Talk amongst yourselves.. 

The April fools Easter crash

THE out-of-control Chinese space station heading for Earth this weekend is expected to put on a "splendid show", according to experts.The Tiangong-1 space craft is expected to tear across the sky - similar to that of a meteor shower - once it plummets into the Earth's atmosphere somewhere between today and Easter Monday.All eyes on the sky.. 

The future is now: Mind reading here

Here we go.. whether you like it or not. If you say you do well, we will be able to figure out if you really do.
Mind reading is here.. 
Scientists have developed an astonishing mind-reading machine which can translate what you are thinking and instantly display it as text.They claim that it has an accuracy rate of 90 per cent or more and say that it works by interpreting consonants and vowels in our brains.Study leader David Moses told the Sun: 'No published work has demonstrated real-time classification of sentences from neural signals.'Given the performance exhibited by [the machine] in this work and its capacity for expansion, we are confident in its ability to serve as a platform for the proposed speech prosthetic device.'

Hillbilly Jim getting inducted into he WWE hall of fame

Let the nostalgia take flight! 
From the WWE: Hillbilly Jim often found himself standing across the ring from nefarious Superstars managed by Jimmy Hart, but in the years since their heyday, the relationship between the two men changed. 
Their new dynamic will be on display when Hart inducts Hillbilly Jim into the WWE Hall of Fame during the 2018 Induction Ceremony, streaming live on WWE Network Friday, April 6, at 8 ET/5 PT.

Jim Carrey continues to take on Donald Trump on Twitter

Let the controversy continue.. the latest from Jim Carrey..

Pretty Funko: Coming this June, horror cereal!

In an interview with the Coronado Eagle & JournalFunko founder Michael Becker reported  that this Summer will see the launch of a brand new line of Funko Cereal that includes licenses that are part of the company’s POP! line.

First up: Freddy Krueger, Elvira and Beetlejuice.. More..One of the fun things is we are about to release our own line of cereal, with a mini-Pop inside,” Becker explained. “We got all the cool licenses like He-Man, Wonder Woman, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Freddy Krueger and our own Freddy Funko. We start shipping to stores in June and we have the distribution set up and the product is pre-sold. It’s just one more of those feel-good Funko items.”Looking forward to Freddy. The little HorrorReporter Ayden sans Cuphead. And the He-Man statement has me a little curious as to the future of my breakfast table..

Miley a bad bunny on Easter

Miley just released a sultry set of pastel-colored Easter pics to celebrate the religious holiday in her own way in a shoot with Vogue ... featuring the singer wearing bunny ears, standing in an Easter basket, petting a fluffy cat, flaunting a see-through top and cleavage, and... getting spanked.

Is Heather wading into danger at Midnight?

Last night on MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT, host Heather Wade announced that she plans on breaking into Area 51 this June and is asking for volunteers to go with her..
MORE: It is a criminal act and poses danger to life and limb to cross the barrier at the gate..

ART BELL posted on Facebook last night, "All I know for sure is she is a truly determined Woman and no amount of talking is going to change her mind. I truthfully say the same thought has crossed my mind over the Years but the thought of Arrest or worst case getting shot always stopped me. She has Cajones"

Bell went on to reply to a comment asking if he would also go, "No, I will stay here to fill in if she needs it and my guess is she will, Area 51 Invasions are for the young."

Jurassic World gets a writer

Speaking with EW, Steven Spielberg said that “Colin Trevorrow is going write and direct the third Jurassic World story.”Emily Carmichael will write the script with Colin Trevorrow. Steven Spielberg will of course return to executive produce, alongside Trevorrow.Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley also return as producers.The trilogy-ender will arrive on June 11, 2021.



The slow and painful bite of nostalgia on a late winter's night

"Beware nostalgia" – it's holding you back from the rest of your life →

This is from a UK GUARDIAN article in 2014.. the nostalgia has changed a bit. The danger of nostalgia remains the same.

Nostalgia is a dangerous thing. It’s a signifier that you hate how your life has turned out. It’s a sign that you’ve mentally locked off, and you’re doomed to spend the rest of life drifting in a false reverie of a past that didn’t exist. Nostalgia is why Tim Lovejoy still dresses like it’s 1996 and is primed to weep the moment anyone mentions Ocean Colour Scene to him. It’s why all your Facebook friends spend their days in a whirlwind of incredulous bafflement at the passing of time, forever asking people to like JPEGs about conkers, all because they’re trapped in a loveless marriage to a woman they accidentally knocked up after ironically slow-dancing to I Want To Know What Love Is during a hideous School Disco party.
This isn’t a generational thing, incidentally. Eve…


Oscar is penis-free..
Academy Awards: AP News wire..
Full coverage..

COCO gets best animated..

Blade Runner 2049 best visual effects..
“Dunkirk” wins best film editing

DO THE OSCARS EVEN MATTER ANYMORE!?OSCAR FLASHBACK: Twenty years ago, a “Titanic” sweep won record ratings for the Oscar broadcast. But ratings have recently been declining. Last year’s show drew 32.9 million viewers for ABC, a four percent drop from the prior year. Even more worrisome was a slide in the key demographic of adults aged 18-49, whose viewership was down 14 percent from 2016..



'Veronica' is out of the closet

'True' story VERONICA is being called one of the scariest movies ever made .. 

Critics and Netflix fans alike are raving about it, heralding Paco Plaza, it's director, as a genius for creating what is being dubbed 'the scariest horror movie ever'..

MORE: Telling the story of a young girl, who has to raise her younger siblings as her mother is absent, it takes familiar horror tropes and adds a dose of reality..

Young Veronica and her friends take a break from looking after the siblings and mess about with the Ouija board during a solar eclipse - worse time, who knew? Trying to summon the spirit of a dead friend, they accidentally disturb the spirit of her dead father - and then something or rather someone else...

AND there is a blind nun.
 Nothing scarier than that..

WHILE VERONICA is being said to be based on a true story, there is some loose playing with facts to create an intense horror flick: The events all took place in 1992 when a young girl in Vallecas, sou…


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