PET CEMETERY REACTIONS: Perri Nemiroff, who reviewed the film…


Perri Nemiroff, who reviewed the film for Collider, tweeted after watching the movie:

“Pet Semetary is vicious and I LOVED it. Super brutal visuals and was thrilled to see Widmyer & Kölsch fully embrace the deeply unsettling themes of mortality from the book. And WOW Jeté Laurence. They really pushed it with this adaptation & it worked for me – big time.

Film critic Rafael Motamayor tweeted: “Pet Semetary is a hoot and a half! Super dark, twisted, gory, and surprisingly funny! More of a dark comedy than the original movie, and it all works once the fucked up third act kicks in. The cast is fantastic. Jeté Laurence is a revelation!”

Preston Barta, who reviewed the film for Fresh Fiction, compared the film to another Stephen King adaptation: “Holy hell! Not only does it greatly improve upon the original film, but it manages to reach Kubrick/SHINING level heights! I was terrified, blown away and impressed.”

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