TOAST TO TOAST AM: Wells hits Noory over 2014 oust


Outspoken radio host John B. Wells became a weekend host sensation during the early 2000teens … Coast to Coast AM hired him on as the official weekend host … However, as Wells began treading controversial waters for the program’s PREMIERE RADIO NETWORK heads, the safer Noory decided to toss Wells to the side..

TODAY as George Noory goes on the Alex Jones radio show, Wells has pointed out hypocrisy..

From the host:

So Noory goes on Infowars with Alex to discuss “censorship” today…

Well I guess he should know all about that after he censored me off C2C in Feb 2014 the moment I started talking about global communism and criticized Obama… What hypocrisy and then he says he’s a dem… go figure

And a screen shot for posterity..

The midnight express ain’t what it used to be… taking a ride sure got boring when BELL left in ‘10… And WELLS as well only a few years later when he began to outshine NOORY at his own game.

I have long been a fan of Wells–despite so often disagreeing with him. He was .. at least.. interesting and off the beaten path.

His interests would have transformed the show away from what Bell created in the 90s and 2000s… maybe that is why Noory got rid of him?


I call on some more sublte plans: Wells was getting more popular than Noory.

Now that IAN PUNNETT has returned from time to time, if his star outshines the full time host, expect a lack of seeing Ian on the roster..

It’s just how things work out in the LA studios..

I wrote this in 2014 when WELLS left the post:

He is now going on in life to host his own internet show called the CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT. Sadly it will be on during the midday–and also sadly for him, his show has been marred with technical difficulties that has stopped him from broadcasting when he said he would. Some say Premiere conspired against him.. Some said the same for Art Bell when suddenly, out of no where, Sirius radio announced that Coast would take over Bell’s spot after his short stint on satellite..

Premiere and conservative radio is a big Juggernaut. Premiere may be happy with the lunatics and drunks that listen to Noory.. and maybe they were getting a little unsettled with the knowledgeable and questioning souls that tuned into Wells..

And Art Bell? Well..he plans on coming back in 2015 with his own online show. Maybe it won’t be a Caravan to Midnight.. but it’s always midnight in the desert…

Art Bell died in 2018…
Coast to Coast was on life support from 2010 to 2014, and passed away soon after.

Only a minister named Ian Punnett can bring it back from the lifelessness it has succumbed to in the middle of the night.