The horror of 2020 complete! The OFFICE will be taken off Netflix December 31, 2020

This show grew in popularity even after it ended in 2013.. and 2020 saw a huge rebound as people discovered and rediscovered it during COVID-19 quarantines..

But now the long feared end is nigh.. on the final night of 2020, no less..

Indeed, NBCUniversal – which owns the streaming rights to The Office – let the show’s license to Netflix expire once they formulated plans to build out their own streaming service.

They saw the popularity of the show skyrocket..

They will now move the program to their streaming platform PEACOCK.

Peacock actually has two tiers – one is free and comes with over 13,000 hours of programming (with ads), while Peacock Premium is just $4.99 a month and features more than 20,000 hours of programming. They have not yet revealed if The Office will be available on the free tier, or if it’ll be exclusive to the Premium tier..