COVID-19 and the Long haul Hell

A vast number of people who get COVID-19 recover.. There is no fear and no scare necessary to speak that truth. However, there is a mystery of those who are completely healthy that have harsh case, and those who you’d think wouldn’t last a day with it that end up being largely asymptomatic. Is that just the game of chance? Science needs to research that.

What however is becoming an increasingly troubling piece of information, about 5% or so of those who get COVID not only don’t recover, but instead carry strange symptoms for the “long haul.” With the virus being new, it is difficult to tell just how long the “long haul” will be for this subset of those afflicted.

A well respected doctor who we have been following since even before the pandemic began in 2020 is James Campbell. His daily updates have made him a household name around the world. His November 28 2020 update actually discusses the long haulers in great detail, and it is worth the viewing:

One person who has been writing about this scary feature is Paul Garner, who warns for people to try not to dominate the virus. He wrote this recently,

I believe there are thousands of people with long haul covid-19 who are overdoing it and making themselves ill with these relapses, across the whole spectrum of conditions. Many have fatigue, and overreaching causing relapse seems common. NICE guidelines from 2007 emphasise an individualised approach, and this is correct. We need people around us that listen and treat us with kindness, as we learn how to learn how to accommodate the illness. Websites and self-help apps may help, but alone are insufficient. A group of four of us have formed a pacing group, meet online weekly, and support each other daily. It really helps.

To make things even scarier, a new potential “long hauler” syndrome is being reported.. While at this time it is not official and anecdotal only, many of those who are suffering from the longer affliction are noticing that they are suddenly losing their teeth!

Even the New York TIMES has been reporting information on this newest strange event of those who had COVID-19.

Teeth falling out without any blood loss is unusual, Dr William Li, president and medical director of the Angiogenesis Foundation, a nonprofit that studies the health and disease of blood vessels, said.

He said his team were investigating some of the ‘bewildering’ problems Covid-19 patients are having months after illness.

Dr Li said it’s possible that the virus damages blood vessels that keep the teeth alive, and that’s why there is no pain when it falls out.