PREDICTIONS GONE BACK FOR 2020.. Wish us more luck in 2021

This is the most fun time of year. Sometimes in years’ in review past, we gloated about how right we were.. Movies that were Oscar worthy.. presidents who acclaimed victory. Twenty years into this we got a lot right.

When we made out 2020 predictions at the end of 2019, we could not have been MORE wrong. Just about every single thing stated ended up being …. awfully and substantially wrong…

And as we make our 2021 prognostications, remember just has awful our 2020 outlay was… and judge accordingly.

Before we move into 2021 possibilities, let’s review what we said would occur in 2020:

  1. Donald Trump will easily win his reelection in the electoral college but soundly lose the popular vote.  There may be early polls indicating his demise.. there could be some excitement around Democrats in the summer.. but we will end the year with Trump causing the second biggest political earthquake of modern times… EASILY!? Not even close. This was the first of many tremendously awful picks for 2020 ..
  2. Bernie Sanders—yes, I am saying it–will be the Democratic nominee for President. He will choose Andrew Yang as his VP nominee.Perhaps this wild card would have actually LOST!? Not even close .. Maybe Yang will hav a shot as Mayor or NYC, but no where near what we thought.
  3. 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo: The United States will still reign.. but China will come very close on the heels of the great American empire in the gold medal race. Another massive loss. THERE WERE NO OLYMPICS!
  4. Brexit. It will happen. And it will be chaos at least for the first few months. It did.. but chaos was an understaetment.
  5. 5G is coming. 5G will change everything. Maybe 20 years from now it will increase cancer rates, but in the mean time it will increase speed of the net delivery. It didn’t do much. Instead fears over it may have caused the Christmas morning bombing in Nashville.
  6. Robots will continue taking over..DING DING.. finally one right.
  7. Social media will start to wane slowly in popularity.. It is not that we had too much, it is more that the alpha generation has just never accepted social media in its internet forte. Expect the new generation to ditch the social media norms .. But never give up the net. Nope…
  8. STRANGER THINGS 4 will become the biggest Netflix show ever released.. Its debut will coincide with the US Election, and experts will lament that people stayed home from polls in favor of watching the series. For real… another stinker. Not even a chance of anything winning.
  9. The New England Patriots will win Super Bowl LIV No comment………
  10. Mass shootings will continue. We will be overwhelm with horror and heartache as gun violence continues across the United States. Thankfully this was wrong. But yet again, another prediction dreadfully wrong.

PREDICTIONS FOR 2021..let’s see how we do when we rate this in the late December 2021 vault. Locked away until then…

We are going on the


  1. The bright and shiny future of Joe Biden. While some may say he has a tumultuous first term, we are going out on a limb and saying his first year *and maybe term* will be uniquely successful. Joe Biden is not someone Americans can easily hate. People will rally around him in the spring and summer of 2021. While this is WAY out on a limb, the typical first term midterm blues Presidents face will not happen to him, as people will see him as successful as beating the coronavirus in the United States.
  2. Lock downs and wasted time. COVID-19 will continue to assault our way of life throughout 2021.. And it will not be until 2022 when a semblance of normal returns..
  3. Democrats will continue winning.. this time in Georgia. They will gain the Senate seat and be on their way to a future majority.
  4. Racial harmony may not be perfect, but this year will see a re imagining of race relations. It will be clear that for America to persist as a strong nation, people need to strongly commit to racial justice. That will occur.. eventually. And begin in 2021.
  5. Major world figures will perish. Potentially and a Pope and A Queen. And BTS will join in with the Weekend to do the Super Bowl half time show.
  6. People who suffered from COVID-19 will begin to display strange symptoms that will seem bizarre, but are just signs that once you get the virus, you have it and its effects for the rest of your life.
  7. Massive widespread hackings will occur and past hackings will become clear. Every single person’s identity in the world will effectively be seen as compromised.
  8. The 2020 Olympics, postponed until 2021, will feature no live audience. Just TV.. China will overtake the UK in medals. Ratings will plummet
  9. Movie theaters are dead. . . AMC and Regal will have a difficult time regaining audiences and eventually will succumb to pressures…. The world has changed thanks to WONDER WOMAN 1984.
  10. The vaccine, though filled with hope, will either be mostly ineffective or people will refuse taking it. Instead a painful herd immunity will occur… The death toll of COVID-19 will far outweigh the known 1918 virus, and will kill over 950,000 in the United States and 2.9 million people by the end of December 2021.

And that is that.

Sealed and maybe not approved…

2021 will be a mixed bag. Jokes aged bad in 2020. They will age worse in ’21 …