Musk the Martian

There has been brewing controversy about this weekend’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE for several weeks..
No, not because of musical guest Miley Cyrus. Controversy about her is very 2008.. very 2000 and late. Instead it stems from the decision to have Elon Musk as a host.

It may be his vaccine commentary.. perhaps other Tweets that have stoked the wokes.. But either way, the cast isn’t too happy ..

While some may argue the cast should be more upset at this season’s writing, the appearance of Musk has produced outrage across the socials and among the internals at Peacock.. but the show will go on. Despite the anger over his appearance, no doubt it may end up being one of the highest rated shows of the season for Lorne Michaels.

All that aside, something else of strange interest has been introduced into the discussion..

Call it coincidence. Or maybe call it some zany proof of time travel!

It all stems from a British media report that went viral from the UK SUN (God bless the sploid)..

Writing in his 1952 science fiction novel “Project Mars”, engineer Wernher von Braun described a man called “Elon” who ruled over the Red Planet.

One passage of the book – a fantasy blueprint for a human expedition to Mars – details that “a Martian government was created, led by ten men”.

Those men worked under a leader “elected by universal suffrage for five years under the name or title of Elon.”

x x x

This book’s existence has been talked about for a few years. But now and then social media picks it up. Or mainstream reports.. or sites like ours.

And each time eyes roll .. or eyebrows raise.

This time, as we get closer to a future where Martian will be invaded by Earthlings, we presume at least, it’s fun to think of King Elon going to the red planet with his ten men. The gild..