Q is suddenly questioning UFO disclosure according to media

This seems to be a diversion..

QAnon Crowd Convinced UFOs Are a Diversion From Voter Fraud

According to this report, QAnan believers think that the UFO reporting is simply a diversion from voter fraud..

There are a number of layers to unpack here..

First off the layer where there may actually NOT be disclosure.. Sure, Congress is going to find out but will we? Will the same reporting be declassified for all earthlings as much as the Congressman and Senators in D.C.? 

Further, if QAnan actually DOES believe this, it shows their loyalty for Donald Trump. This all despite the fact that this entire disclosure notion happened with the help of Trump himself when he signed the COVID relief bill!

Ufologist Steven Greer, for example, has claimed that other UFO promoters were assassinated by intelligence agents to prevent them from telling the truth about UFOs. But with the prospect of some genuine disclosures in the offing, Greer has decided that whatever comes from the government now is in fact a trick meant to hide the genuine facts about UFOs.

“This is the ramping up of the false disclosure that we warned about,” Greer warned his fans in a YouTube video last week, claiming that the UFOs were wrongly being portrayed as a “national security threat.”

Sather and other QAnon conspiracy theorists who have promoted UFOs are challenged by the prospect of more widespread UFO interest, according to Travis View, the co-host of QAnon-tracking podcast “QAnon Anonymous.”

“QAnon promoters gain an audience by claiming that they have access to information that the mainstream media doesn’t,” View told The Daily Beast. “When major outlets report on their pet topic, such as UFOs, it’s actually damaging to their brand because their audience has been trained to distrust everything that comes from the mainstream media.”

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