Will Adam get woke?

….the first episode may be a throwback nostalgia filled gasp-worthy event. Kevin Smith undoubtedly will homage the fans from the 1980s who keep the spirit of Eternia alive.

But what if the show goes woke?

Will Tea-La secure a girlfriend?
Will He-Man’s toxic masculinity cause him to rage?
Will Skeletor be nice on Christmas like during the 80s holiday special?

We are being told that the characters in the new Netflix cartoons premiering July 23 will face certain crises and as they unfold, adult dialogue will greet our favorite action figures from the cartoon..

Clownfish is among the YouTube channels lamenting the chances that the new cartoon will go all in on modern virtue signaling, and forget the fans who grew up watching cartoon..

Their video here for your enjoyment:

Could they be right!

But there could also be a certain amount of hype about this possibility. Cartoons modernize.. they change with times.

We will keep our minds open that this show may be exactly what we hoped for. Or at least enough of what we hoped for that the modern changes can get a pass.

We hope!