Halloween will End with a whimper?


The movie Halloween kills, coming out this October, is promising to be the ultimate bloodbath of Michael Myers movies.. it is being heralded by horror sites and advertised by John Carpenter as a true slasher of epic gory proportions.. 

If you like that..

But the final Halloween, set tentatively for October 2022, is apparently going to take a different route.

Malek Akkad says it will be “way more contained.”

This from Bloody Disgusting:

David Gordon Green similarly teases in the magazine’s new issue, “I get engaged by doing something different. If I was just going to be repetitive, I would hand the reins off to someone else. When you have that opportunity within an established franchise, it’s really fun to think about how you can show different tones and perspectives and evolve.”

As for Jamie Lee Curtis, who will be back as Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, she tells Total Film that the latter movie is likely the last time she’ll play the character.

“I would say, given what I know about the next movie, I think it will be the last time that I will play her,” Curtis notes. “And I’m not saying something like, ‘Oh, because I die!’ It’s nothing to do with that. I’m talking about emotionally what they have constructed.

“I think it will be a spectacular way to end this trilogy.”

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