We turned 21 today. Drinking age, finally..

Well the real US (me) is a bit aged beyond that .. but the HORRORREPORT, which originally began as a Geocities site before that shut its online doors, turned into a .com in August 2001.

That is a long time, now right?

In our infancy, we were reckless, unpredictable, and fun. As time goes on perhaps we became a little less keen on constant updates. But life is weird, right? It gets rough. . it gets challenging as the clock continues to tick away.

While personally I shall reveal my REAL age of 41, I began this site back in the hot summer days before I worked full time and had a family and all of the sadness and joys of 20 more additional years.

Just as soon as the official site was born, we focused on horror and all its oddities. Both fiction and real. True horror took place only weeks after the inception of the Horror Report when 9/11 took place. It affected us all.

While we may not be the biggest site, the most attractive, or the most attentive at times.. we sure do like being here and we appreciate all of you through the years who have followed for fun, and contacted me .. true friendships actually were made from this little side hustle.

So you can get back to life again now.. But rest assured, so as long as we are here, we will try to keep plugging away ..

Forgive us for not always being timely. But thank us for always being true to ourselves.

Happy 21st us.