Mystery pneumonia kills three and infects nine in Argentina—it’s not Covid

Three people have died and five are in hospital after developing a “pneumonia of unknown origin”, Argentinian health authorities have announced.

According to the Ministry of Health in Tucumán – a small region in the northwest of the country some 800 miles from the capital, Buenos Aires – nine people in the sameprivate clinic unit have contracted mystery pneumonia.

Authorities are concerned about the deadly outbreak because the usual suspects – including Covid, influenza and hantavirus – have been ruled out. Five of the six affected, and both of those who so far died, are also health care workers, suggesting an infectious agent may be involved. 
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Officials commenting on this new virus say that there are multiple similarities to COVID-19, but the coronavirus has been ruled out. Lung scans may look the same as a result, and the strange pneumonia symptoms are there. But, it does not appear that this is a known virus at this time.

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