Astronomers are captivated by ‘brightest flash ever seen’

The burst of gamma-rays — the most intense form of electromagnetic radiation — was first detected by orbiting telescopes on October 9, and its afterglow is still being watched by scientists across the world. Astrophysicist Brendan O’Connor told AFP that gamma-ray bursts that last hundreds of seconds, as occurred on Sunday, are thought to be … Read moreAstronomers are captivated by ‘brightest flash ever seen’

Coltrane dead at 72

Robbie Coltrane, the Scottish actor known for bringing Hagrid to life in the “Harry Potter” film franchise, has died, TheWrap has confirmed. He was 72. Coltrane is perhaps best known for his role in all eight “Harry Potter” films as Rubeus Hagrid, spending a decade bringing the gentle giant to life on the big screen. … Read moreColtrane dead at 72