Ghost face takes Manhattan

You may not have asked for it, but they’re giving it to you anyway. Scream six, it’s coming in March 2023. And now you can see an official trailer showcasing the oddities of New York City subway travel mixed with a cycle serial killer.

This generation may not have experienced Friday the 13th. Part 8 Jason takes Manhattan in theaters. But, now you might be able to again anyway with this movie. Sure the plot will be different, but the kill sequences will be presumably bloody as promised. The aura around the film seems to have a good comparison to when Jason took that boat ride from camp Crystal Lake to the Big Apple in the late 80s.

And quite frankly, after watching this trailer, the appearance of Jenna Ortega reminded us more not of Scream movies, but of her amazing performance in the Addams family Netflix series. Perhaps we will go back and watch that again, and just leave our anticipation about this movie for another time.