Bob Barker dead at 99

Tributes pouring in.. this from CNN:

Bob Barker, the “Price Is Right” host whose silky-smooth command, impish sense of humor and advocacy for animal welfare issues made him a beloved fixture on television for more than 35 years, has died. He was 99.”

For 35 years, Barker was the host of the classic CBS game show that asks players to bid on such items as a pack of gum, a popcorn popper and a luggage lock in hopes of winning, as its announcers trumpet, “A BRAND NEW CAR!” 

The show, which had a nine-year run in the ’50s and ‘60s with Bill Cullen, returned in 1972 with Barker. He stayed for 35 years, passing the mic to comedian Drew Carey in 2007. 

Barker earned 19 Emmys and a lifetime achievement award in the process.

Some of the more scandalous moments in Barker’s life are being omitted from the tributes as he passed away just about at 100..

But equally important to generation X and millennials: it was Bob Barker that became the symbol of the sick day. The summer day. The Price is Right with his voice was a soundtrack to childhood and coming of age moments somewhere in time.