New years nightmare: Tsunami alerts in 4 countries as 16ft waves threaten Japan after quakes bury people alive

So THIS is how we start a new year..

JAPAN is bracing itself for 16ft swells to smash into its coast after experiencing a series of powerful earthquakes that sparked tsunami alerts in three other nations.

The country is dealing with the destructive wake of at least 30 quakes as emergency services battle to save people buried alive, control a major fire and prepare for expected landslides.
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A quick succession of dozens of earthquakes struck Japan’s main island of Honshu today – the worst being a 7.6 magnitude that hit at 4.10pm local time.

The quakes triggered urgent tsunami alerts, with officials warning that waves could be as high as 16ft in some places.

Already waves of 3ft have been battering parts of Japan’s west coast.

The worst affected areas are Toyama, Ishikawa and Niigata, which are now facing the risks of landslides and collapsing houses as aftershocks are set to continue for the next few days.