Zombie jombie week for John B. Wells

Could it be ?? Does Premiere have big plans for lucky ’13?

Next week’s program schedule for Coast to Coast AM was released. Some may be surprised to see the hosting schedule. George Noory is set for Sunday night with his big tenth anniversary bash. Guests not yet named, but it may be a hodgepodge of crazed loons who have appeared over the past ten years. Richard C. Hoagland is most likely on hold already, waiting for Sunday…

But the real story may be the schedule afterwards. While George Knapp fills in on Monday, it’s going to be wall-to-wall John B. Wells for the rest of the week. From Tuesday through Friday, and presumably his normal day of Saturday as well, making it 6 straight days.

Could this be the first test to see how Wells stands the test of the night hawk’s hours? Could Premiere Radio just want to give Noory his tenth anniversary show and then… cut some of the ties a bit? Or maybe Noory just wants a week off. Time to celebrate with Tommy? And in the mean time…..Wells takes the mic for 24 hours this week.

Among the guests and topics Wells will have:
“Cobra” will talk about dark forces.
Robert Pelton will talk about targeted assassinations.
Bob Wright on ‘positive deviants.’
And open lines on Friday….

The 2013 test begins..

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