And the Oscar goes to…. Washington D.C.

A run down of the Oscars from last night, if you were smart enough to not watch them..

Red Carpet: A complete list of winners and losers from the Oscars..

An ARGO night..


What is not a shock is that the telecast went on for four hours… meandering itself through the evening, with Seth Macfarlane trying to introduce mostly timid jokes that the audience often scoffed and scoured at.. it was a strange opening, with a song about ‘seeing boobs’ of famous starlets.. Jodie Foster jokes here and there–along with a quip about Chris Brown beating Rihanna..

But perhaps today the story that everyone is talking about: The satirical website the ONION is actually being accused of going too far.. what made these calls of anger erupt? The ONION’s tweet calling best actress nominee (and only 9-year-old) Quvenzhané Walli a ‘cunt’.. ..

Hooray for Hollywood decadence.. served right to you in the longest meal of all time..

And in a clear sign that Hollywood has fully merged with Washington D.C., no more proof needed than the ‘surprise presentation’ from Michelle Obama .. she came on to announce the best picture award.

Does anyone else see the irony? Politics and Hollywood.. and a First Lady showing up to present an award to a movie about the CIA making fake movies to advance a political agenda.. ??

This is beyond humorous.. beyond comedy.. beyond amazing. It’s the first time that a First Lady has ever presented any award at the Academy Awards. Ben Affleck was honored that Michelle announced his victory..