Friday morning update: Clyde Lewis is alive, and the WHITE HOUSE is down at box office

Clyde Lewis is alive! And he put out a special message from his hospital bed after 8 hours of surgery to prove internet hoaxes of his demise wrong.. Lewis had a complicated surgery, and according to his video, complications afterwards.. but clearly he is still alive and enjoying the little things in life, like old MAD magazines and FLASH GORDON films.. Watch the video here.. And as he says, call your station and tell them to give some more hours in your local market to Ground Zero radio..
Obama War against Leakers gets taken to the military.. Retired General James Cartwright under investigation for alleged Stuxnet leak..
Report from Chernobyl shows that children are sicker now than ever.. (This is years after the disaster in the 1980s.. and this is primarily why I thought the film CHERNOBYL DIARIES was beyond tacky and quite disgusting.. there are serious problems continuing at that location. People are truly suffering thanks to the horror mankind created.. no need to make it ‘scarier’ than it really is)
Reviews and thoughts are coming in:

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