As you un-can your yams: The fire in the sky. And below.

Twas the night before Thanksgiving,
And all across Earth,
Eyes were staring at the heavens,
What’s Ison worth?

It may be a big show. Or a big dud.
We will not really know until Comet Ison makes its way around the sun–if it makes it, we will have a wonderful light show and a potential ‘Comet of the Century’ until Christmas.

We reported last night that Ison was looking like it would die a slow and icy death. Today there are mixed signals  and a renewed chance that we will witness this potentially historic comet.

While you spice your turkey and un-can your yams, tonight may be a great night to tune into Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis. He’s on right now live as I write this, affiliates can be found here. Among his topics will be Ison and, as he reported tonight, fireballs being seen across Greece–and also apparently San Diego.

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